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An All In One Jewellery Cleaning & Polishing Solution

Sparkle Again: Friendly to Humans, Lethal to Tarnish, Super for Shining


Sparkle Again is the leading professional jewellery cleaner solution in Australia & proudly Australian-owned & manufactured, inspired De Beers diamond company in 1964. Sparkle Again products are still as effective as the day they were created all those years ago!

Our two products are a Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner and Gold & Silver Polish.

Clean everything; Sparkle Again a diamond cleaner, gold cleaner, white gold cleaner, clean gold and diamond earrings, your precious stones, jewellery, precious metals with our all-in-one professional jewellery cleaner solution.

TGA approved (Therapeutic Goods Association), completely non-toxic, not tested on animals.

Precious Jewellery CleaninG

How It Works

Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner

Not only your diamonds, emeralds & other precious stones will Sparkle Again with this amazing diamond cleaner, you can also use it to achieve the original shine of crystal ware, crystals, glass ornaments & chandeliers.

Gold & Silver Polish

Sparkle Again is one of the only polishes that can be used on both silver AND gold! The best gold cleaner! It’s almost an instant clean!  Our cleaner removes both tarnish & oxidation from metals. Pandora/Tiffanny jewellery can also be cleaned; most metal cleaners cannot be used on Pandora jewellery.

5 minutes & your Jewellery like new Again!

Apply the diamond cleaner to the cleaning jar, pop your jewellery in to the container & go & have a nice, relaxing shower. When you come out, your professional jewellery cleaner is done! Your diamonds & precious stones will be sparkling again, looking as new as the first time you bought them.

Non Toxic, TGA Approved

Sparkle Again is manufactured according to the regulated pharmaceutical requirements & standards of the TGA.  Sparkle Agains’ ingredients are biodegradable, non-hazardous, safe for skin exposure, non-acidic & animal friendly (no animal testing ever) AND the cleaners are reusable.

Make your jewellery Sparkle Again

The ONLY Professional Jewellery Cleaner you will ever need
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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Are your precious jewellery items tarnished & dull?

Now you can clean all your precious stones & jewellery & make them like new again, including your metals, easily, saving you time, trips & hassle to get your jewellery cleaned by jewellery professionals. Clean all your jewellery & avoid nasty chemicals.

Easy to Use, Reusable & Eco Friendly

Some customers have used & reused our products for over 20 years. They do not have a shelf end-life. You don’t throw it out after you use it; use & reuse & see your jewellery shine, again & again & again, just like new! AND… our products are absolutely non-toxic & safe, skin-contact neutral, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaners can damage your jewellery

Ultrasonic cleaners can loosen the settings of stones & their vibration & shaking can potentially damage your jewellery.  They have the potential to damage & abraise your much loved precious jewellery. Pearls & opals can easily crack in a machine. Also, these cleaning machines cannot be used on pearls, opals, & emeralds. They also take a while. Sparkle Again jewellery cleaners work in 5-10 minutes with minimal effort on your part; just drop in & rinse off.

Save money & time not paying professional jewellery cleaners or buying the machinery for yourself

You don’t need to pay professional jewellery cleaners at shops to clean your precious jewellery anymore or buy any expensive machinery like ultrasonic cleaners that have Sparkle Again removes oxidation, grease, grime & bacteria on all jewellery just like ultrasonics can. The Gold & Silver Polish actually cleans almost immediately. You apply, wipe, wait & rub off to finish with a cloth.

Comprehensive & professional jewellery cleaner products for all your precious jewellery, diamond rings, necklaces & precious metals

The Uses of Sparkle Again & its Jewellery Cleaners

Sparkle Again Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner 

This product restores a brilliant shine to:

  • chandeliers
  • crystal ware
  • crystals
  • glass ornaments
  • precious stones, including diamonds of course
  • emeralds especially (even though they are more brittle than other precious stones)

Sparkle Again Gold & Silver Polish 

Can be used on:

  • gold & silverware
  • Tiffany & Pandora style jewellery
  • chrome parts on cars & motorbikes
  • trophies
  • medals, coins
  • cutlery
  • teapots
  • belt buckles
  • doorknobs
  • musical instruments 

EVERYTHING Can Sparkle Again

Cleans all jewellery & other objects, made of gold & silver & other metals. This is the best gold cleaner & best sterling silver jewellery cleaner ever!

* One of the only jewellery cleaners on the market you can use to clean BOTH gold & silver!

In fact, you can clean a whole lot of different things with Sparkle Again!


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