Sparkle Again Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner


Clean All Your Diamonds & Precious Stones

Clean your diamond wedding rings, diamond rings, emerald & ruby rings, any precious stones with our Diamond & Precious Jewellery CleanerHow to clean gold and diamond earrings?   Best diamond ring cleaner?  Best ring cleaning solution?  Searching for the best professional jewellery cleaner?  Well, it’s easy: with Sparkle Again.


Our Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner lasts for a long time. however, sometimes it does need replenishing. We recommend you use this once a week if you wear your jewellery every day. Think of this cleaner as a daily ‘cleanser’. You want to sparkle every day. You can replenish your cleaner by buying more here.

So Many Uses for our Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner

Diamond cleaner, emeralds & all precious stones cleaner

  • Takes between 5-10 minutes.Never pay for professional jewellery cleaning again.  DIY in no time.

Use the Jewellery cleaner for crystal ware, crystals, glass ornaments & chandeliers

  • It is amazingly effective & cleans everything equally well.

Professional Jewellery Cleaning is Easy

  • Just follow our three step guide. Soak your jewellery while you shower; it’s done by the time you get out. Wipe clean and that’s it!


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