Sparkle Again Gold & Silver Polish


One of the only products on the market to Clean Gold AND Silver BOTH!

Sparkle Again Gold & Silver Cleaner is one of the only cleaners that be used on all metals. Most metal cleaners are for silverware only.

How to clean silver necklace? How to clean silver jewellery? How to clean gold rings?  White gold cleaner?  Best sterling silver jewellery cleaner?  Best professional jewellery cleaner?

Easy, it’s Sparkle Again.


Our Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner lasts for a long time. however, sometimes it does need replenishing. We recommend you use this once a week if you wear your jewellery every day. Think of this cleaner as a daily ‘cleanser’. You want to sparkle every day. You can replenish your cleaner by buying more here.

So Many Uses for our Gold & Silver Polish

Cleans ALL metals

  • Both gold & silverware are cleaned by our Polish. Best gold cleaner.  Best sterling silver cleaner.

Makes Gold & Silver Sparkle like new Again

  • Removes both tarnish & oxidation from metals.

Suitable for all things metal

  • Teapots, cutlery, trophies, medals, coins,  Tiffany & Pandora style jewellery.  The list goes on…

It’s almost instant!

  • Apply, wipe over, wipe off & done!  Sparkle Again is your professional jewellery cleaner! At home.


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